Lifeline Healthcare Recruiting

Advanced Healthcare Recruitment


Our 360 Degree Methodology

Understand the Provider’s needs + Understand the Client or Facility’s recruiting needs + Learn the scope of the client’s practice = Succinct matching of ideal candidates in ideal situations.

It’s our practical, yet attentive and all-encompassing approach that makes the difference!

At Lifeline Recruiting we have established a reputation as a professional, service-focused organization successfully accommodating those we work within a timely and proficient manner.

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For Our Clients

Dedicated to providing nothing but the best!

The offices and facilities we work with have saved valuable time and thousands of dollars in recruitment costs by partnering with us.

At Lifeline, we understand the importance of finding the right Medical Physician or Advanced Practitioner for your specific practice or hospital. We are committed to finding professionals who best demonstrate the characteristics that make your needs unique. Lifeline handles the entire vetting process on your behalf to ensure we provide the appropriate candidates for your consideration.


For Our Providers

From Credentialing to Contract!

Our primary goal is to match the right candidates with the right opportunities. We do this by understanding your requisites and expectations and matching you with the best fit. Regardless if you are looking for permanent placement or a locum tenens position, we encourage you to review the open opportunities via our secure, constantly updated, job portal.

The expectations are transparent and our knowledgeable, specialized recruiting staff is available to assist you based on your objectives


It’s efficient, it’s effective, and it’s our specialty!

Telemedicine (or telehealth) is one of today’s fastest-growing industry trends and Lifeline is dedicated to showcasing its benefits in the recruiting space. This “healthcare from a distance” movement gives practitioners more non-traditional exposure to a variety of patients allowing for practice expansion and a refined work/life balance.


While telehealth technology is generally a win-win for the provider and patient, it does not come without challenges. Lifeline is here to help overcome those barriers as we take the time to understand what the physician is looking for and implement how to best place them.

The Staff is the lifeblood of any Healthcare Organization, and we are here to be your Lifeline in Recruiting.

Healthcare Experts

“I was approached by a half-dozen recruiting organizations during my interviewing process. I allowed each of the services to reach out to various programs. Lifeline was by far the most responsive, most persistent, and John was by all means the most aggressive in his pursuit. I wholeheartedly appreciated their fight for the best opportunity for me.”

Who Do We Serve

We continue our success and growth working with an ever-increasing base of satisfied clients including:

  • Physicians
  • Advanced Medical Practitioners

  • Hospitals

  • Medical Practices/Facilities

  • National Labs

  • Traveling Nurses

  • Government Contracts

How can we help?

Lifeline Recruiting provides both permanent and locum tenens (temporary) experienced clinicians for virtually every specialty and need – to various hospitals, clinics, and other facilities nationally. We partner with qualified firms that provide telemedicine technology for the provider, the patient, and even the facility.

The Staff is the lifeblood of any Healthcare Organization, and we are here to be your Lifeline in Recruiting.​